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Psych-K, What I'm balancing for this week.

March 6, 2021

What I’m Balancing for: First week of March 2021

For my first blog I decided to start a new series documenting what PSYCH-K balances I am doing various weeks throughout the year. As you may know, I am an Advanced PSYCH-K Facilitator, and I believe this process has the ability to change the lives of EVERYONE!!

I will do a future post about what PSYCH-K is and how it works. But for today I’ll talk about what I’m balancing for this week!

So…I hate the dentist. I just do. I have very sensitive teeth. And no matter how well I brush they always tell me every time I go that there’s more work to do. They praise me up and down for how well I take care of my teeth. They tell me I’m one of their fastest cleaning customers because I do such a good job.

Then they tell me I have another damn cavity.

Like seriously. Come on.

But going back a bit. I had a dentist royally fuck up my teeth. (By the way, hello, my name is Elisa and I do swear. I’m sorry). Back to the dentist. I was on the search for a new dentist after the one I had decided that the cavity he was filling was SO SMALL that he didn’t need to give me anything to numb me! YEP, No NOVOCAINE for me. OMG. Yeah…I needed a new dentist.

So I went to this new dentist telling him that ever since I got my last fillings, food constantly got stuck between those two teeth. He said it was an easy fix. I made an appointment to fix it. Thinking it was just grinding something down or something. I was dumb ok guys. Well, little did I know it was a whole new filling. Actually $800 worth of new fillings. And from that time on I had nothing but issues. Intense pain. Intense pain. He kept telling me nothing was wrong. It was fine. Months went by. Finally I came in unable to stand the pain and he admitted on the two teeth he drilled too fast and cracked them both. I’d need to get them pulled. I’d need a crown on another one.

Yeah…I switched dentists again.

So here I am this week. Many years after the fiascos of bad dentists. I trust the one I’m at now. I still have 9 cavities to fill. UGH. But I had an appointment for a cleaning this week. And all the anxieties, old fears started to flow back. The fear of when they had to shoot a shot of ozone into my gums and I screamed while 3 assistants had to hold me down. Fears of how just when they clean my teeth my crown still isn’t sitting right and so it hurts so much I can barely stand to stay in the chair. You know…the usual dentist stuff.

So this week I started off with a changing perception balance to help me heal the trauma of past dental appointments. I did a balance for all the past trauma of actually sitting in the chair. I did a balance over the trauma of dealing with intense and unbearable tooth pain for months. Then I did a balance dealing with having healthy teeth and gums. Lastly, before I left for the dentist that morning, I did a balance over having appointments go smoothly and be fully pain free!

I will tell you that this was the best dental appointment I’ve ever had. No pain! No drama. In and out in a half hour. Now I’m ready to tackle the rest of these cavities. I will most likely balance that I believe my dentist will fix them properly. I will probably do a few more balances on being able to let go of control as I sit in the chair with my mouth wide open. But after this week I am looking forward to getting these teeth fixed in the next few months.

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