“What can I say about Elisa's coaching?...well there's No beginning and there's no end. She has the most amazing insight into things. Things that you may not be able to see or comprehend at the moment. Meeting Elisa has been nothing but Awe inspiring. She heart feels everything about you. She truly knows your true spirit before you can even clear the fog from every day nonsense to give her life again. Elisa is the pebbles on a garden path. She's the engine in a locomotive. Days when I thought I was walking through a swamp, mucky, muddy water with years of built in beliefs pulling me down like quick sand and here comes this lightning bug glowing to No end telling me, No keep going, kick those weeds, lift those legs...Let me shine a light on you, let me shine your path...I see you. That is Elisa. She is Hope when yours is dwindling. She's the guardian Angel on your shoulder, never letting you walk alone. Her guidance not just illuminates you but beckons you to be who you were meant to be. Her words of encouragement and intuition is so strong that I questioned, "Is she human?", I did! I've never met a human being with so much strength, compassion and love for others. People will come and go but she's, she's different, a whole other level. A gift, she's a heavenly gift.”         --Christine P., New York

Elisa was professional, knowledgeable and so sweet! She not only communicated efficiently and effectively but made sure that I was aware of all my options. When it came time for my actual service she walked me through the whole process. I felt at ease the entire time. She truly has a gift and her passion for helping others radiates through her. I am a repeat customer and will continue to go to utilize her services!
-Cailin Haas, Wisconson