"Together we can face any challenges as deep as the ocean and as high as the sky."

Hi, I am the Founder of Holistic Heart. After battling with depression, anxiety, and chronic digestive health issues a large part of my young life, I am living a vibrant, loving, and healthy life today. I have an incredible passion to help people on their path in life to help them find their peace, their purpose, and get back to knowing who they are. A large part of knowing who we are lies in loving who we are. We live in a world of "shoulds". A world where we constantly beat ourselves up about who we are, what we ought to be doing, and how we are failing every step of the way. We feel lost, overwhelmed, and anxious. Broken and hurt people break and hurt other people. Parents who hate themselves but love their children to their core, inadvertently end up passing on their legacy of self loathing to those very children that they would protect from anything. There is a way out of all of this mess. The epidemic of self hate and comparison doesn't have to continue, and I am passionate to help you find that way. 

My qualifications come from digging myself out of this very hole. My journey with depression, anxiety, and chronic health issues started at age 8. After a really rough bout in my early 20's, I decided there was another way. I started to seek out the truth and the light. A college degree, lots of self work, self study, 6 certifications, meetings with spiritual leaders, and many classes later, here I am today passionate about helping others out of this hole our culture helps us dig ourselves into. 

Holistic Heart is a place where all of my healing modalities and courses could be put together to help you in the most effective and best possible way, leading to lasting change. 

elisa hesch

B.A., Intuitive Holistic Personal Growth Coach, Advanced PSYCH-K facilitator, Reiki master, spiritual advisor, Human Design Specialist, channelor, healer, KAY Kids Yoga Certified

B.S.,  Reiki level 2, Advanced Psych-K Facilitator, 

jason hesch

Through my life I have battled debilitating Lyme disease, brain tumors, Tourette's, and emotional suppression, leading me to search for a new path. While I have always lived a holistically minded life, I decided 4 years ago that true happiness and change starts from within.

I want everyone to know that there are no taboo topics and that at the core we all want healing, love, and understanding. I work hard to get to the root of why we are angry, suppressed, lost, anxious, scared, fueled by addictions, and hurt. 

My passions lie in helping you Be Your Best Self and in turn to Live Your Best Life. I utilize PSYCH-K and Reiki to help make lasting changes in your life. I will also be launching Life Coaching courses soon.