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Reiki is an energetic stress relief technique designed to balance the chakras and help bring healing to the body. It brings intense relaxation and healing. Appointments can be virtual or in person. The hands are held above or lightly laid upon the patient to channel healing energy into the patient. Patients report pain relief, reduction of stress, emotional release, and a better sense of well-being after appointments. Appointments are 30 or 60 minutes. 30 min - $45. 60 min - $65.

Psych-K appointments is one of the  MOST POWERFUL tools to change your life into what you want! It allow us to reprogram our limiting subconscious beliefs into life affirming ones. Highly recommended! Appointments can be in person or virtual and are about an hour. Again, this is one of the most powerful tools for CHANGING OUR LIVES. Our subconscious controls what we do 95% of the time. Appointments are 60-90 minutes.  $120/1 appt.

Quantum Human Design™ is often called the “new Astrology,” and the “intersection of science and spirituality.” Your Quantum Human Design chart is formulated by taking your birth date, time, and location – giving you specific information about your life path, your style of working, your relationship blueprint, how you experience energy in the world, and most importantly, how to create a truly meaningful and authentic life. Appointments are 60 minutes and can be virtual or in-person. $80. 

This option combines multiple modalities to help tap in to where you want to go to bring intense healing and change into your life. Reiki, PSYCH-K, spiritual channelling, and looking into your individual human design makeup can all be included. We start the appointment with an assessment of where you are stuck and go from there. Appointments are 60 minutes and can be virtual or in-person. $120. 

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Group coaching programs for Life Purpose, Personal Growth, Brain Muscle Training, Anxiety, and Self Love. More information on these diverse programs are found on the Coaching Programs page. 

Feeling overwhelmed or stuck? Book 1:1 coaching appointments to majorly uplevel your life. Coaching includes intuitive readings. Learn more on the Coaching Programs Page. 

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