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February 19, 2021

Hello world!

Before we go forward I need to tell you a few things:

Hey everyone. My name is Elisa. I’ll be blogging about lots of topics here. My coaching programs, my channeling downloads from the lovely spirits that want us all to succeed in life, Psych-K and the amazing effect it can have on our lives, Reiki and the wonderful healing it can bring, Human Design and the insights it can give us into who we are.  I’m so excited you are here to join me. Please feel free to look around on the site. If you have any questions I’m here!

I swear…sorry
I like rocks…
I like animals…
I’m always studying something new…
I am always healing also…I will talk about some of my healing journey here.
I get large downloads for humanity and will probably be sharing some of that here…

Welcome to Holistic Heart!!!

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