Holistic Heart offers both 1:1 coaching and group coaching programs.
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what can 

do for me?

-reduce stress
-Learn to love yourself again 
-Find your path/purpose
-eliminate overwhelm
-learn how to take care of yourself
-be comfortable with who you are
-reduce/eliminate anxiety
-reduce/eliminate health issues
-identify and reduce blocks holding you back
-reduce/eliminate money blocks
-enjoy time with your family
-feel happier
-better relationships
-happier work life
-inner peace

Find Your Purpose
Find Your Path

6 Week Brain Muscle

Find Your Purpose Find Your Path

This 3 mo course is designed to help you loosen the grip anxiety holds on your life. To pry away those cold fingers holding so tightly to the precious moments in your day. We pack as much as we can into just 12 short weeks. Learning is offered via video lessons, live broadcasts, weekly assignments, handouts to keep, and weekly Zoom calls. Included in the course will be coping mechanisms, breathing techniques, life changing assessments and insights, and alternative modalities to make positive belief changes. Additional anxiety supplements can also be included to help curb and eliminate panic attacks, allowing for full and true healing.

Taming the Anxiety

What would you give or pay to love yourself and know your true life's purpose? This 3 or 6 month long course brings about radical change and insights. This course is designed to help you identify and eliminate the blocks holding you back in life. Finding true love for yourself and all that you are, thus finding your true path in life is the goal of this course. This course includes many assessments and modalities to identify your core purpose in life, your soul's path, and your individual human design makeup. We then get you started on your true path properly, rewiring deep conditioned sub-conscious beliefs and turning them into life-affirming and life-enhancing gifts. Included in this course are Psych-K appointments, Reiki appointments, Spiritual Channelling appointments, 1:1 coaching appointments, Complete Human Design Reading, and numerous assessments to truly, truly find your soul. Click to read more about EXACTLY what this course includes and how to join! 

Level UP! Challenge

This FREE Level UP Challenge is a five-day challenge designed to help you find balance and battle stress and overwhelm and identify blocks holding you back in life. Challenges are held 3 times a year. Please join our email list, and follow our Facebook and Instagram page to be notified when the next Free challenge is taking place! 



8 Week Brain Muscle Training

Mental Fitness... In this world Our lives are often a bit chaotic, a bit messy, and don't always go our way. It's easy to let a rough morning, an angry customer at work, or an argument the night before derail our day. This is where Mental Fitness comes in. And much like with physical fitness, Mental Fitness often requires a trainer to get you started in the right direction. To train you in the techniques and equipment you need to be successful as you train, grow, and work to stay healthy.   
In our Society it's common for us to see the benefits of training our body. Eating healthy and exercise are a part of many people's lives. However, we often overlook the mental part of training our being. Oddly enough, it takes mental fitness to be successful in almost every area of our lives. 
Good news is you have a Mental Fitness Trainer and Coach RIGHT HERE at Holistic Heart with you, ready to help you get started on your path. We won't need to work together forever, but I can be here, helping you learn the ropes, get started off right, and show you how to apply all the new things I'll teach you to every aspect of your life. Let's work those Mental Fitness Muscles: 

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