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July 30, 2021

Mental Fitness Course: Starting Soon

I wanted to pop in here for a moment to finally give some information about the mental fitness coach program I am currently accepting people for. But before I do, answer these for me:

Have you ever felt overwhelmed or stressed by your daily tasks?

Have you ever questioned if you are a good enough parent or partner?

Have you ever felt taken advantage of at work or in your personal or friend relationships?

Have you ever felt resentful that everyone else in your home expects you to do it all?

Have you ever felt guilty because you know you have a great life, but yet you are unsettled, unhappy, or just overwhelmed all the time and don’t know what to do about it?

Is anxiety a part of your everyday life?

Do you feel restless and lost but don’t know what to do about it?


If you answered yes to any of the above things, perhaps it’s time to explore boosting your mental fitness. Mental fitness affects every single area of our lives. From our jobs, to our relationships, to our mental, emotional and physical health. We all know the value of Physical Fitness. We are inundated from all angles around us with doctors, PSA’s, family, friends, EVERYWHERE telling us we need to stay active, stay healthy, stay fit. But where is the PSA, or the free resources to help us all with mental fitness? Mental fitness isn’t a class in school like PE (but it should be!). How are we ever expected to learn how to be resilient, how to stay present, how to pull ourselves up and out, MAINLY HOW TO LIVE HAPPY LIVES?!?


So now onto what mental fitness coaching is… We all have ways that we sabotage ourselves in our everyday life. Whether we are aware of them or not. What we work through in this 6 week program is identifying and learning to overcome the ways in which we sabotage ourselves. We learn what mental fitness muscles we need to grow, and HOW to grow them so that we are able to be in the ebb and flow of life. We also learn in this 6 weeks how to turn life problems from something that can derail and cause stress in our lives into being able to see the gifts in them and use them to further our purpose and mission. This program is something I currently put all my 1:1 clients through as soon as they begin working with me. We all know the value of physical fitness, now it’s time our culture start to tackle mental fitness.

I have spots for 4-6 people to join for this group that I’m starting August 15. For this course we utilize an app where we build up our mental fitness and resiliency, weekly trainings, and then weekly meetings to put it all together. The cost for the 6 weeks is only $995. I AM ONLY ACCEPTING MOTIVATED INDIVIDUALS THAT ARE LOOKING FOR SUBSTANTIAL CHANGE. Again, commitment to daily practice, watching the weekly video sessions, and attending a weekly Zoom meeting are all required. We are working for substantial change. We are working to rewire the neural pathways of the brain, to up your Positive Intelligence. To bring balance, resilience and peace into your life. We will meet as a group 1x a week to help support and lift each other up and so its important to me that each client I accept into this program are motivated to do the work to seriously uplevel their lives.

If any of this sounds like it makes sense to you Please sign up here.

I am looking to start the group up on August 15th! I am expecting this to be a small tight-knit coaching experience where we can really hone in on what you need and how to get you there. If you made it this far reading, bravo!! See you in the next post!! Make sure to reach out to me ASAP as I am extending this offer to some of my other clients also! If you register too late to get into the August 15th group, as I’m only accepting 4-6, please note I can add you to a waiting list to get into another group staring in September.

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