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The Year of ME!, What I'm balancing for this week.

June 3, 2021

How it’s going: Week of June 1

Also…what I am balancing this week!

Well, I am 3 days into this whole “Year of Me” shindig. I have got to say I feel amazing! Buuuuttt get at me in a week and I’ll let you know if I still feel this is a good idea. Honestly though, taking the time to utilize some of the modalities that I use to help others such as reiki and PSYCH-K, has felt very good. While I do make sure to take the time often, I haven’t made sure its everyday. And I feel pretty darn good!

I decided to use an app called Habit to track when I get things in and when I don’t. Tracking makes it easy to see what I have and haven’t fit in. Building healthy habits takes some time so I am going to be patient with myself. The one item that I’m really loving so far is the Do One Indulgent Thing. So far I have taken the time to play with makeup, gotten my nails done, and gotten ice cream. When I take the time to track the indulgent thing that I did for myself it makes me feel good. I also feel thankful for that thing a bit more. I would find in the past when I would have ice cream for instance, that I would feel a bit guilty for my indulgences. So far, only 3 days in, they make me feel good. I’ll post some photos here of my starting journey. If you have no idea what the heck I’m talking about check out this post here!

Sweaty Selfie after working out!
Took the time to play with makeup a bit!
Yes these are my nails! Just polish. But oh-so-pretty and a lovely indulgence for me.
2 days down, on day 3 now. Going well so far. If you are thinking of committing to adding something to take care of yourself in your life, please Join Me!

What I’m Balancing This Week

I’m also going to include What I’m Balancing For this Week into this post. My husband and I had a fight last week and since we don’t normally fight I found myself still very upset over it. I was able to balance the stress over that fight but also balance being able to come to a good conclusion. (Note: a quick self reiki session also after that fight and it was as if it didn’t happen and the stress from it was never an issue). I am balancing this week to be able to go with the flow like nature does. I find that nature always seems so resilient. I also did some balances this week over trusting that some people important to me in my life know the best course of action for their life. While this might sound a bit odd because of course they know best, but when we really love people we want the best for them. When they aren’t feeling the best, or they seem stuck, we want to be helpful. However I find sometimes that help isn’t always helpful, and I always want those that I love in my life to know that I trust they know themselves best. I also did some balances over being worthy for some of the goals I have in my life. Worth and feeling unworthy surrounds a lot of us in this culture. You would be surprised how often it blocks us from what we really want and are trying to achieve! Lastly, I am undertaking some landscaping and wanted to do some balances that I trust myself and my intuition when it comes to planning it all. I balanced over the process going smoothly. I balanced over it being a fun project that goes well. With me doing balances each day I’m sure there will be more to add to this list.

Well, a bit of a boring blog, but sometimes it’s fun to see what goes through others’ minds or what they are working on lately. Please if you feel compelled at all to make some of your own priorities and try to acheive them over the next few weeks, join me! As always, Reiki, PSYCH-K, and Coaching can assist in achieving the goals you are aiming for and sure make it a lot easier to make yourself a priority. Till next time…

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