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May 24, 2021

The Year of ME!

Or at least the next 60 days….

Well, I’m super hesitant to type this blog. Because as I do I am committing to something. Committing to making the next few weeks all about me. Committing to a mental promise and discipline that I have not previously.

I have been thinking about this concept for a few weeks now. It seems that being a homeschool mom, child chauffer, starting a new business, taking reiki, PSYCH-K, human design, coaching and channeling clients, keeping up with mommin’ it, and normal house duties (the cooking, cleaning, etc.) still has me putting myself a bit to the wayside. And the very very very first thing to go is always…..

Physical Fitness

Mental Fitness (yes this is a thing and I have a WHOLE 6 WEEK COURSE on it!)

Nutrition–Including water

True activities I enjoy

Now don’t get me wrong. I make sure to take time for myself and to engage in self care. After all, being a coach, I preach it pretty hard to my clients, AND I’d never want to preach something I don’t practice. However, with that being said, I still am finding that there are things I MEAN to make time for, but never get around to. My workout schedule is sporadic. I eat alright, but some days are hit and miss as far as my water consumption, etc. I do for sure engage in and exercise my mental fitness muscles at least 5 days out of the week, but I can tell when I miss a day or two. And while I make sure to take a long bubble bath with a book most nights of the week, there are activities I enjoy that I just don’t make the time for.

So, I’ve decided that I am going to take the next 60 days and make them about prioritizing me. At first I felt it may be a bit selfish since summer is a wonderful time to spend with the kiddos. But I am anticipating that prioritizing myself over these next 60ish days may actually result in me being MORE present with them.

So, for accountability sake here is my list of things I am committing to getting done EVERY DAY over the next 60 days.

  1. Working out at least a half hour
  2. Half my body’s weight in water ounces
  3. A short 5-10 min meditation
  4. Reading 10 pages of a good book
  5. A short 15 min self reiki session, or a few PSYCH-K Balances
  6. 1 walk outside
  7. 1 indulgent thing everyday (whether a small brownie, a coffee date with a friend, a short SUP session, a sunset kayak, nap in the hammock, a drive with the music blaring, a skinny dip swim in the moonlight, retail therapy, etc.)
  8. Look deeply into my own eyes in the mirror and tell myself I love myself.

So that’s it folks. It may not seem like much, but as a busy mom it’ll be a bit of a change for sure. The real caveat for me is going to be the EVERY DAY part. These are often things I do to keep myself physically and mentally healthy but not all of them each day. What do you think? If you were going to choose to make this next 60 days all about you, what would you choose?

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