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Psych-K, What I'm balancing for this week.

March 17, 2021

What I’m Balancing For Week of March 8 & 15…

Hey There! Let’s take a look at the limiting subconscious beliefs I’ve been balancing for this week! It’s been a beat since I’ve posted. I was away this past week/weekend, attending training to be able to go deeper into subconscious beliefs, deeper into fears, anxieties, and the lies that like to run our lives.

Since I was at training last week, there were a lot of deep balances I didn’t get to talk about. I went deep into my subconscious this past weekend, tackling beliefs that have controlled my life since I was 18-24 months but I didn’t remember. During a deep meditation/balance we were able to change a deep seated belief I had that I needed to please and follow the rules. I will tell my silly story here, but only if you promise not to judge me…

If you go back to this post here: you will see why subconscious beliefs are important when it comes to everything in our lives. When I was younger I had a toy that I absolutely loved. It was something that I adored to my core. I did not remember this story much until this weekend, and I would have never realized it has had such an impact on my life since then. This toy you see me riding in this photo here was my turtle. I. LOVED. HIM. I adored when my parents used a string they tied to it and pulled me around on it, sometimes pulling me in circles while I squealed in delight.

Well, me being the silly little silly I was, I did not enjoy exercise much at that age. I refused to pedal this turtle. REFUSED. Nope. Pull me, Pull me, Pull me.

My parents, being parents trying to teach a child to ride something, and potentially getting sick of my “pull me” demands, practiced tough love and told me I needed to start pedaling it.

I Refused.

Thus, they threw my turtle in the garbage. Literally. The garbage truck pulled away with it. My love. I loved him. I loved my turtle. Since I lived in a very small town we had a very small town garbage service. Thus, a few weeks later I saw the grandkids of the owners of the waste company riding my turtle. My Turtle. I was devestated. I cried for weeks.

When I went back to that in my subconscious I felt a deep, deep, deep sense of despair and shame. I felt that I was a “bad kid” and that is why my turtle was taken away. I felt shame that I didn’t do what I was supposed to do. From that point forward, I continued to grow in my people pleasing and do “what a good kid should do.” Obviously there are more instances than one in a person’s life that send this message. And each time the message was reinforced, I went deeper into my people pleasing.

So, we did a balance on that situation. I felt a huge weight fall off my shoulders after that. I was never a “Bad Kid.” The shame of that instance melted away the next time I had to put myself into that memory. And I feel a deep, deep calm this week. Of course this is not the only balance that contributed to this as I did many during this session. But this is a fun story that shows the POWER subconscious beliefs, even accidental ones, have over our lives.

Other balances this week:

-Accepting Death, both peaceful and violent deaths
-Welcoming changes in life
-My relationship with Money
-My relationship with my Father
-Being desirable.
-Having beautiful hair
-Public Speaking

Lastly this week also brought a few balances to my family. Balances for my dog over being calm when people walk by on the street. And a relationship balance between two of my children over their strained relationship and annoyance with one another.

It was a big week this week! Holler at me if you have any questions over what PSYCH-K can do for you in your life! I promise the next blog will be about something else!

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